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TH Vĩnh Hiền - Giao lưu Tiếng Anh cấp trường lần thứ 2 - Năm học 2017 - 2018


    With the aim to create the environment for the pupils to use English confidently, on Friday, May 4th, 2018, three-group students in Vinh Hien Primary School organized an English festival for primary pupils from grade 3 to grade 5.

The organization board was glad to welcome all the teachers and nearly two hundred pupils of Vinh Hien Primary School.

    To begin the festival, students performed very lovely music performances. They were so exciting and lovely.

After the music performance from pupils of class 4 and class 5, Mrs. Hoang Thi Kim Ngan – Principal of Vinh Hien Primary school gave a short but meaningful opening speech.

    There were 3 teams took part in the festival called from number 1 to 3. Each team had five pupils from grade 3 to grade 5. The three teams took part in 3 parts of the festival: Greetings contest, acting contest, and speech contest.

    The first part was greetings contest. All the three teams greeted and introduce themselves by singing songs about their groups. This part aimed at English speaking skill together with motivation. It could be seen that the pupils were rather confidently to talk and sing in English in front of crowd. Some of them showed very good expression.

                Team 1                                       Team 2                                   Team 3 


    The second part is acting contest. This part was exciting and impressive. In this part, each team performed dramas. The dramas related to some fairy tales they learnt. They were the whole or the parts of the stories. This activity required pupils’ speaking skill, memorizing ability as well as acting skill.

                          Team 1 with the story: The star-fruit tree

                                     Team 2 with the story: Tam and Cam

                                      Team 3 with the story: The white daisy flower

    For the third part, each team rearranged pictures and made speeches about the pictures. There were 3 pictures that related to 3 topics. The topics were traffic safety, saving water, and protecting the environment. Each picture was cut into small parts. They had 5 minutes to rearrange pictures. This part aimed at discussion and cooperation of each member of the teams. The children showed beautiful pictures after five minutes.

Then each team had 5 minutes to build-up a short speech about the picture. Thanks to this activity, we could see how well students can make speech as naturally as possible.

After more than two hours, the festival ended in the joyfulness of the pupils and teachers. The winner was team 3. The second was team 1 and the third was team 2. They realized what they need to improve in their teaching and learning so that they could better their English skills. With the aim to enhance pupils’ interest in learning English, English festivals like this is going to be held in the next school years.


Mrs. Hoang Thi Kim Ngan – Principal of Vinh Hien Primary School, gave the prizes for three teams.




(Written by: Tran Thi Hanh, teacher of English in Vinh Hien Primary School)



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